A new construction project founded in sustainability

Day in and day out, a variety of designs and furnishings for various warehouses occupy our specialists. For example, we were able to kick off 2021 nicely with a project at Vitakruid. A 2700 m2 energy-positive commercial property.

Vitakruid is a classic family business founded in 2000. Vitakruid arose from the need to improve human health. The literal translation of the word ‘Vita’ is ‘life’ and, in this context, represents vitamins.

Racks in the corporate branded colors

As seen in the photos, the racks are supplied in uniquely branded color. Due to the green beams, an organic element is used. Vitakruid makes use of this in their logo to relate to the natural and organic nutrients they use in their products. We made sure to show this element in the pallet racks.

Time and space saving

To make order picking boxes easier, carton flow frames are integrated into the pallet racks. These carton flow frames are connected directly to the styles. The version is fully tailored to Vitakruid’s logistics and easily adjustable so that any size and type of box, up to 14kg, desired can be placed. This ensures optimal flexibility. The first beam layer is fitted with a special decking recessed in the beam, so minimal height was lost. A total of 991 pallet spaces were created.

In addition to the carton flow frames integrated into the pallet racks, freestanding carton flow racks were selected as well. An addition to the type used in the pallet racks. This ensures saving the necessary time and space. Thanks to the movement of the goods, the flow is optimal.

Additional roller conveyors on H-shaped legs

To complete this project, extra roller conveyors on H-shaped legs were selected. Eight lanes with a total length of 4000mm each. The outer sides are equipped with a side guide, and the packing tables are equipped with an end stop before the packing table, and an end stop after the packing table. Naturally, forklifts and hydraulic platforms, fitted with special streak-free white tires, were used for the entire assembly to keep the new building as clean as possible.

On behalf of the entire team, we wish Vitakruid B.V. much enjoyment in their beautiful new building and, of course, a successful future.

From weighing 107 kilos to becoming a fitness example for many

MB Nutrition’s Bicep Papa, also known as Mo Bicep, had a specific customer requirement. A pallet rack in the special RAL gold color, delivered as soon as possible. The shelving protectors were also supplied in gold, per Mo’s wishes.

‘Don’t make excuses; keep your protein levels high, but your character even more so. That’s trade.’

In a short time, MB Nutrition, Mo Bicep’s dietary supplement brand, has become a household name in the Netherlands. His discipline, motivation, and business qualities were the decisive factor in this. As Mo would say, ‘Don’t make excuses; keep your protein levels high, but your character even more so. That’s trade.’

To respond to this enormous growth, he moved to a new warehouse in Breda. For this, we were able to provide service and quality at the lowest possible price. After the racks were set up, Mo soon placed another order which also had to meet the specific color requirements. It was a race against time to deliver and place these before recording his new documentary would start.

We want to thank MB Nutrition, better known as Mo Bicep, for trusting Hemeco Storage Systems. Good luck with the new building!

Healthlink, uw ‘totaalaanbieder’ voor de medische industrie

Met strategische voorraadlocaties in meerdere landen over de hele wereld heeft Healthlink een reputatie opgebouwd voor volledige naleving van kwaliteits- en regelgevingsprocessen.

In Waalwijk hebben wij Healthlink Europe mogen voorzien van diverse opslagmogelijkheden om de verdere groei die zij doormaken te faciliteren.

Tijdens de diverse adviesgesprekken zijn er verschillende mogelijke opstellingen besproken. Healthlink Europe heeft uiteindelijk gekozen voor een U-vormige palletstelling, met daarbinnen ruim 4600 picking locaties door het gebruik van legbordstellingen.

Bij dit project zijn extra zware type palletstellingen gebruikt zodat haast elk palletgewicht zonder enige problemen opgeslagen kan worden. Healthlink Europe heeft hier optimaal rekening gehouden met de stijgende verwachtingen van haar toekomstige klanten.

Het waarborgen van de veiligheid

Om de veiligheid te waarborgen is er goed gekeken naar diverse mogelijkheden met betrekking tot extra bescherming. Om het pand en voetgangers te beschermen is er bescherming geplaatst in een extra sterke uitvoering. De keuze voor staal heeft een besparing gerealiseerd van ruim 60%.

Een extra kolombescherming voor het pand en de kolommen ter bescherming van de roldeuren en schuifdeuren garanderen de veiligheid van de medewerkers, maar ook van het pand en de geplaatste stellingen.

For SPS, we completed the following unique project; of course, this project reviewed the customer’s specific wishes. We found a unique solution for picking SPS’s stored products. We supplied pallet racks with a height of 7500mm and a depth of 800mm to store these products. This depth (800mm) is specifically tailored so that order picking is made more accessible. Now, the order picker only has to reach across 800mm instead of 1200mm. In addition, the pallets are supported by cross beams so that pallets receive extra support when placed in the pallet rack. SPS commissioned the pallet racks in a special RAL color; cream/white yokes with orange beams.