A suitable solution for the BTT stock peak

During the first corona lockdown period, BTT, part of GVT, looked for a way to absorb the stock peak. Because of this extraordinary situation, the weekly stock was increased significantly, and there was a pressing need to cope with these changes flexibly. Large bulk stocks were transformed into an organized stock stored on pallet racks.

Delivery within six weeks

We were commissioned by GVT, a leading service provider in transport and distribution in the Benelux, to create approximately 7000 pallet spaces within 6 weeks, from request to delivery. We were an absolute must-have to deliver to this customer due to our extensive stock and short lines: fast delivery.

To respond to future customer diversity, we opted for a broader implementation than strictly necessary. The uprights are made of heavy steel, so adding additional layers of beams in the future will not cause any problems concerning the load capacity.

Additional underpass

Halfway through the project implementation, GVT made an additional request. During assembly, an underpass was added to shorten the forklift’s driving routes. Fall-through protection was installed to ensure safety. Through the installation of this fall-through protection, a safe working environment was created underneath the pallet rack.

To prevent future damage as much as possible, all underpasses and uprights are protected with upright and shelving protectors as well. In the long run, this added investment will be recuperated very quickly.

Rapid solution due to stock and short lines

Realizing this project within 6 weeks was a fitting challenge, especially during the unusual COVID-19 circumstances. Because of our stock and short lines, we were able to contribute to the solution of an emergency caused by various circumstances at BTT’s Tilburg location.